3 Questions to Ask before Hiring a Drug Crime Attorney

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3 Questions to Ask before Hiring a Drug Crime Attorney

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If you were arrested for drug possession, you might be thinking about hiring an attorney to assist with your case. However, a quick Google search will probably turn up more than just a few law firms eager to take on your case. As such, you might be wondering how to figure out who is best suited to help protect your rights in the days ahead?

Fortunately, there are a few questions you can ask to help narrow down your search. In this article, we look at a few you should always ask before hiring a criminal defense attorney:

1. Is the Initial Consultation Free?

In an ideal world, there should never be a price tag sitting between you and the information you need to make informed decisions about your case. However, some attorneys will charge you for the initial consultation, so you’ll be in the red before they have even begun building your case. As such, before scheduling a meeting, you should make sure that you won’t be paying for this face-to-face. There are plenty of criminal defense lawyers who will meet with you for free.

2. Have You Handled Cases Similar to Mine?

No two drug possession charges are the same, so it’s important to find an attorney who has handled cases just like yours. Everything from the type of drug you were arrested with, the quantity, and whether the police believe you intended to sell the substance could affect how proceedings unfold. During your first meeting, you should ask the attorney what types of cases they’ve handled in the past and the results they’ve managed to achieve.

3. Will You Be Accessible throughout Proceedings?

After a drug arrest, it can feel like your life has been flipped upside down. During these turbulent times, if your questions are left unanswered, this can only add to your worries. As such, you should look for an attorney who will make themselves accessible from the first phone call until the final verdict. If a lawyer is willing to share their direct line, this is usually a good sign that they will endeavor to return your texts, calls, and emails promptly. Reviews from past clients can also give you a good sense of how attentive a particular attorney is.

Discuss Your Case with a Palm Beach Gardens Drug Crime Lawyer

From filling out the necessary paperwork to dealing with the prosecutor to the court case itself; criminal proceedings can quickly start to feel overwhelming. Thankfully, a Florida drug crime lawyer can help guide you through the weeks ahead, advising you of common mistakes you should avoid and answering your questions at every turn.

Todd A. Kawecki is a seasoned criminal defense lawyer who will provide tenacious representation throughout proceedings. His experience working as a prosecutor has equipped him with an in-depth understanding of Florida’s criminal proceedings, giving him the knowledge to help you secure a favorable outcome. Contact us today at 772-485-4500 or head over to our contact form HERE to schedule a free case review with a member of our team.

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