Solicitation For Prostitution

Solicitation For Prostitution in Martin and St Lucie County

Martin and St. Lucie County Solicitation for Prostitution Offenses include but are not limited to:

  • Owning or operating any place or building for the purpose of prostitution.
  • Offering, or agreeing to offer, someone else to engage in prostitution
  • Allowing someone to enter or remain in any place or building for the purpose of prostitution.
  • Soliciting or inducing someone to engage in prostitution.
  • Directing or transporting someone for the purpose of prostitution.
  • Purchasing sexual services offered by another.
  • Offering to engage in prostitution.
  • Aiding or abetting prostitution in any way.
  • Entering any place or building for the purpose of engaging in prostitution (massage parlor “happy ending”)

The Solicitation for Prostitution charge covers a variety of actions. Engaging a prostitute on the street,  soliciting a call girl online, and actions in a massage parlor, commonly referred to as a “happy ending” all fall under this charge.  These charges can range from Misdemeanors to Felonies depending on the specific conduct and if someone has any prior convictions for the same type of charge.

Punishments range from Jail time, Probation, a mandatory $5,000 fine, and educational classes.

The key to attacking these charges is to attack the prosecutor’s evidence against you. Successfully attacking the basis for a search or surveillance warrant will almost always lead to the case being dismissed. Cases involving message parlors generally involve large police stings that rely on this evidence. Knowing when and how to use the weaknesses in a Prosecutor’s case for your benefit is what sets us apart.

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