Domestic Violence Lawyer Stuart

If you have been arrested for a Domestic Violence charge, your life has likely been turned upside down. Todd Kawecki is a domestic violence lawyer in Stuart who can guide you through the legal system and work to get you a great outcome. He knows the most effective strategies to get your case dismissed.

Todd and his legal team will collect evidence in your case from any witnesses and will limit any illegally obtained evidence the State may be trying to use against you. You can trust in our 13 years of experience in domestic battery law.

Unfortunately, in most domestic violence cases, the first appearance judge will put a no-contact order in place. That means you cannot see or have any communication with your significant other until the case is resolved. If both parties wish to have contact, we can file a motion and hold a hearing to have the no-contact order removed. Having this order removed will allow you to get some normalcy back in your life as we work to get the best outcome in your case.

Many times, the alleged victim in a domestic battery accusation may want to admit the incident did not happen at all or at least not how the police believe it occurred. We can assist the other party in getting the right contact information and procedures to contact the State Attorney’s office and ask for charges against you to be dismissed. Remember, only your attorney can contact the other party in a domestic violence case if there is a no-contact order put in place.

The Importance of Contacting a Domestic Violence Lawyer Right Away

The most important thing you can do when confronted with a domestic violence investigation is to request to speak to an attorney. Do not speak to the police as you may think you are helping yourself when you may actually be incriminating yourself. In most domestic violence cases, there are only two witnesses, so providing a statement to the police is generally not in your best interest.

Speak with a Domestic Violence Attorney in Stuart

To speak with attorney Todd Kawecki in a free consultation, call 772-485-4500. The police do not have your best interests in mind, but Todd Kawecki will protect your rights and use his extensive experience and resources to fight for the best possible outcome for your case.