3 Common Misconceptions about Drug Possession Charges in Florida

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3 Common Misconceptions about Drug Possession Charges in Florida

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Drug possession charges have spawned more than a few myths, resulting in misinformation and misconceptions wherever you turn. Unfortunately, if you were arrested for carrying an illegal substance, these misguided answers will only ramp up your risks of making serious mistakes that will turn a possible conviction into a foregone conclusion.

In this article, we put a few of the most common misconceptions under the microscope to help give you clarity in the weeks ahead:

1. “Marijuana Possession Is Not a Serious Charge.”

While many other states may be legalizing or—at the very least—decriminalizing marijuana, Florida has maintained a hard stance on the topic of this recreational drug. Only those with a medical marijuana card may purchase the substance from a licensed dispensary. If you’re caught carrying, you should expect to face strict penalties. Even a small amount—i.e., less than 20 grams—could lead to you spending up to a year in jail.

2. “If It’s Only My First Offense, I’ll Be Fine.”

Multiple offenses will usually ramp up the penalties you could face, but that doesn’t mean that your maiden arrest won’t carry harsh consequences. With drugs classified according to five schedules, penalties can vary based on the type of substance you were caught carrying, the amount, and whether there’s evidence that you were planning to traffic the drug. For example, a small amount of a “Schedule I” drug like heroin could lead to a more serious charge than a larger amount of a “Schedule IV” substance like Xanax.

3. “My Social Media Activity Will Not Affect My Case.”

In this new digital era, the way we communicate has changed dramatically as more and more conversations move to social media. However, it’s not just our internet habits that have evolved; police officers have also adapted to these changing times.

The prosecution and/or law enforcement personnel may monitor your online activity for any evidence that could be used to secure a conviction. As such, you will have to be careful about what you post as it could take just one compromising comment or picture to give them the ammunition they need to put you behind bars.

In most situations, it’s usually wise to disable your social media profiles for the duration of proceedings. While this isn’t a foolproof solution—other parties may still be able to access your feeds via third-party connections—it does give you a small layer of protection and will remove the temptation to post.

Discuss Your Case with a Palm Beach Gardens Drug Crime Lawyer

If you’re facing drug possession charges, it’s important to get accurate answers and reliable advice so that you are adequately prepared for proceedings. With a strong defense, you may be able to have your penalties reduced or even have the charges dismissed.

Attorney Todd A. Kawecki will meet with you as part of a free consultation to discuss your situation and provide insights into how your case might unfold. If you choose to hire him, he will provide tenacious representation from day one, doing everything in his power to help you secure a favorable outcome. To request a consultation with a Palm Beach Gardens drug crime lawyer, reach out to us at 772-485-4500 or by sending us a message HERE.

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