When Should I Hire a Solicitation for Prostitution Attorney?

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When Should I Hire a Solicitation for Prostitution Attorney?

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Soliciting a prostitute is a serious crime in most parts of the country, but in Florida this violation is treated more harshly than many other states. Not only could you spend time behind bars, but you may also be forced to pay thousands of dollars in fines and complete hundreds of hours of community service. A conviction on your record could also affect your ability to work, rent an apartment, and get an education for the rest of your life.

With your future riding on the outcome of your case, you are probably wondering if you should hire an attorney to help you fight the charges. In many cases, having a skilled legal professional by your side could help turn the tides, and the sooner you bring someone onboard, the sooner they can start building the best possible defense.

In this article, we take a look at a few ways an attorney could assist during proceedings:

1. Investigate the Arrest

Fighting criminal charges almost always starts with investigating the arrest itself. While it might seem like there’s no way out because you were caught “red-handed”, it’s possible that police officers made mistakes or infringed on your rights while you were being arrested.

Your attorney can investigate what happened, identify any possible errors, and develop strategies to help dismantle the state’s case against you. In some cases, your lawyer may be able to have the evidence officers gathered suppressed and your charges dropped.

2. Guide You through Proceedings

Criminal proceedings can be incredibly complex, and it’s all too easy to make serious mistakes that turn a possible conviction into a foregone conclusion. For instance, posting about your arrest on social media could give officers additional evidence to use against you. Alternatively, missing important filing deadlines might leave you unable to fight the charges. A skilled criminal defense lawyer can help ensure that you always stay on track, providing professional legal guidance from the first consultation until the final verdict.

3. Protect Your Rights

While you might have certain rights during proceedings, this doesn’t mean police officers and the other law enforcement personnel will respect them. Fortunately, when you hire an attorney, you can have peace of mind that any violations and transgressions won’t go left unchecked.

Should the prosecutor, police, or any other individual infringe on your rights, your solicitation for prostitution attorney can step in to hold them accountable and ensure that your defense isn’t compromised.

Discuss Your Case with a Palm Beach Gardens Solicitation for Prostitution Lawyer

Were you arrested for soliciting a prostitute? Attorney Todd A. Kawecki understands that even those with the best intentions make mistakes. As such, he is committed to providing tenacious representation to those who have found themselves on the wrong side of the law.

As a former prosecutor, Todd has an in-depth understanding of Florida’s criminal proceedings, arming him with the knowledge and resources that might be necessary to help you achieve a favorable outcome. Contact us today at 772-485-4500 or tap through to our contact page HERE to request a free case review with a West Palm Beach solicitation for prostitution attorney.

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