What Are the Penalties for Multiple DUI Convictions in Florida?

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What Are the Penalties for Multiple DUI Convictions in Florida?

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When a quick drink turns into one too many, getting behind the wheel is a serious mistake that could haunt you for the rest of your life. If you’re pulled over and found to be over the legal limit, you’ll face harsh penalties such as fines and even jail time. However, what if this isn’t your first DUI? Unfortunately, multiple offenses will only multiply your problems.

In this article, we will take a look at the penalties you might face as a serial offender and how an attorney may be able to assist with your case.

What You Need to Know About Florida’s DUI Laws and Penalties

While you will face strict penalties for your first DUI conviction in the state, these punishments pale in comparison to those doled out to repeat offenders. Additionally, if you are involved in an accident while driving under the influence, you will likely face aggressive prosecution and even harsher penalties.

If you are convicted for a second offense within five years of your first, your license may be suspended for a minimum of five years. Additionally, you could spend up to nine months behind bars; be made to pay between $1,000 and $2,000 in fines; ordered to attend and complete DUI school; perform community service; install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle; and your vehicle may be impounded for 30 days. These penalties may be increased if your blood alcohol level was .15 or higher, or there was a minor in your vehicle when you were arrested.

A third conviction, within 10 years of a prior conviction, will trigger a litany of strict punishments. Offenders face up to five years in Florida State Prison, may be ordered to pay fines of up to $5,000, and could have their licenses revoked for a minimum of 10 years in addition to a range of other penalties. A fourth or subsequent conviction carries similar punishments. Again, these penalties may be increased if your blood alcohol levels exceed .15 or a minor was travelling with you at the time of your arrest.

Multiple convictions can drastically alter your life—especially if your DUI is enhanced to a felony—so it may be in your best interests to speak to a St. Lucie County DUI defense attorney. He or she can assess your case, review the available evidence, and discuss possible defenses to help you fight the arrest.

Discuss Your Case with a DUI Defense Attorney in Port St. Lucie, Florida

A DUI conviction can have a devastating impact on your life. At best, you will be unable to drive for weeks—if not years—after the arrest. At worst, you may have to serve time behind bars, perform community service, and pay thousands of dollars in fines. However, an arrest doesn’t mean your fate is sealed.

Todd A. Kawecki is a skilled Florida DUI defense attorney who knows what it takes to achieve a favorable outcome. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your arrest, a skilled lawyer will be able to help reduce your penalties or even have your case dismissed. Todd can help investigate the arrest, assess blood and breath test results, and defend you against the DUI charges. To set up a free case review, dial 772-485-4500 or head over to our contact page HERE.

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