Solicitation for Prostitution Charges: What You Need to Know

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Solicitation for Prostitution Charges: What You Need to Know

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If you’re caught soliciting a prostitute, you shouldn’t expect the authorities to be lenient. Strict penalties await those who have committed this serious offense, with fines, jail time, and a permanent mark on your criminal record turning one fateful day into a lifetime of hardship.

In this article, we explore a few things you should know in the wake of an arrest:

What Is Solicitation for Prostitution?

If you solicited someone else to engage in sexual acts or any other kind of lewd activity in exchange for compensation, you could be charged with solicitation for prostitution. It’s important to understand that the law doesn’t require you to have gone through with the transaction as officers will only have to provide proof that you intended to solicit a prostitute. For example, if you had a sex worker enter your vehicle, the prosecution may have enough evidence to convict you.

Penalties for Solicitation for Prostitution

In the state, this offense is classified as a second-degree misdemeanor. However, if this is your second, third, or subsequent offense, this charge could be elevated. Typically, you might face the following penalties:

  • Fines of up to $500;
  • A $5,000 civil penalty; and
  • Up to 60 days in jail.

Serial offenders face harsher punishments with fines jumping up to $1,000 and jail sentences extending up to a year or more.

Can I Defend Myself Against the Charges?

As with any other criminal offense, you will have a chance to fight the charges. Many tactics can be employed to help reduce your penalties or have the case dismissed. For instance, if there are clear signs that the arresting officers engaged in illegal entrapment, you may be able to find evidence that could help dismantle the prosecution’s case.

Alternatively, you could argue that there isn’t sufficient evidence to suggest that you intended to solicit the services of a sex worker. A skilled criminal defense attorney may be able to help investigate the arrest and gather evidence to help you build a strong defense.

What Other Ways Can a Lawyer Assist with My Case?

While a criminal defense attorney’s primary goal is to help you achieve a favorable outcome, their support isn’t just limited to preparing your defense. An attorney can advise you on common errors others make in your position and give you tips on how to avoid these otherwise costly mistakes. Additionally, he or she can guide you through proceedings while advocating for you during proceedings.

Speak to a Solicitation for Prostitution Attorney in Stuart, Florida Today

If you have been charged with solicitation for prostitution, it may be wise to contact an attorney as soon as possible. Attorney Todd A. Kawecki knows that the key to attacking these charges is to identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

With experience working as a prosecutor, he can leverage his wealth of knowledge and extensive resources to assist in your fight against the charges. Dial 772-485-4500 or jump to our contact form HERE to request a free case review with a Florida solicitation for prostitution lawyer today.

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