How Soon After a DUI Arrest Should I Call an Attorney?

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How Soon After a DUI Arrest Should I Call an Attorney?

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If you were arrested for driving under the influence, it’s wise to call an attorney as soon as possible. Even if you think the prosecutor doesn’t have enough evidence to convict you—or you’re assuming a conviction is inevitable because of the evidence they do have—you’re going to want a strategic criminal defense lawyer by your side. Chances are they can do a lot more than you realize.

No matter what the facts of the case are, an attorney will help you pursue the best outcome possible given the circumstances, and the sooner you hire them, the sooner they can get started. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest reasons to seek quality representation right away following a DUI arrest:

1. To Avoid Making Critical Mistakes

Your legal team can handle almost all correspondence with the prosecutor on your behalf, so you don’t implicate yourself inadvertently. They will also explain how defendants who were facing similar charges ended up jeopardizing their own cases, so you don’t make the same mistakes along the way. For example, it’s inadvisable to post about the arrest on social media since there’s no way to be sure how the content might be represented—or misrepresented—later in court.

2. To Compile Time-Sensitive Evidence While It’s Still Available

Fighting DUI charges often demands evidence that’s not going to be available indefinitely. For example, eyewitness testimony becomes less reliable as more time passes. What’s more, both black box data and dash camera footage are eventually overwritten.

In other words, if you wait too long to hire a lawyer, they may not be able to obtain all the evidence needed to put together the strongest defense possible. While a resourceful attorney may be able to make do with whatever’s still available, they’re going to face a number of hurdles that could have been avoided had you called upon them sooner.

3. To Protect Your Rights

Unfortunately, just because you have certain rights during criminal proceedings doesn’t mean law enforcement personnel are going to respect them. As long as you have legal counsel, though, you can be sure any violations won’t go unnoticed.

Should police, the prosecutor, or any other party infringe on your rights, your criminal defense attorney will take the steps needed to hold them accountable and ultimately ensure your defense is not threatened. Depending on the nature of the violation, it may even be possible to get the charges dropped altogether.

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