Domestic Violence Lawyer Palm Beach Gardens

Being convicted of a domestic violence-related offense can carry with it a number of legal, financial, and personal consequences. It’s important that you take every step possible to fight these charges and protect your freedoms. Todd A. Kawecki is a domestic violence attorney in Palm Beach Gardens with a track record of success in these cases, and he will passionately fight to defend your interests at every stage.

Facing criminal charges is incredibly daunting. One misguided statement or even a social media post could be enough to threaten your future. Protect yourself today by contacting Todd A. Kawecki for a consultation. Dial 772-272-9269 to learn more.

Tips to Remember When Facing Domestic Violence Charges

As a domestic violence lawyer in Palm Beach County, Todd Kawecki has seen countless examples of people making inadvertent mistakes that weaken their defense options. It is critical that you are careful about what you say and do over the coming weeks and months since one error or oversight could be all it takes to jeopardize your case.

As a client of Todd Kawecki, you will have a direct line of contact to him. If you are ever unsure whether a particular decision could negatively impact your case, you should call him right away for advice.

Below are a few ways you can protect your case throughout the proceedings:

  • Stay off Social Media: Your social media activity will very likely be admissible in court. For this reason, it’s best that you stay off these websites altogether. Do not try to explain your side of the story in the public square. Do not comment on any posts from the alleged victim, even if they are entirely untrue. And of course, you should never threaten the alleged victim on social media, over the phone, in public, or under any circumstances whatsoever.
  • Do Not Provide Statements to Law Enforcement: Even if you are certain of your innocence, you should let your domestic violence defense lawyer handle all correspondence with the police. Law enforcement are skilled at getting suspects to make statements that weaken their defense. If you are arrested or ever questioned by police, you should politely request to speak with an attorney, and remain silent from there.
  • Do Not Contact the Alleged Victim: Whether on social media or via phone, email, or another method, you should abstain from any contact with the alleged victim. If it is necessary for you to be in contact—for example, if you share a child together—you should maintain a business-like demeanor and avoid any argument or controversy.
  • Stay out of Legal Trouble: The penalties for a domestic violence offense can be far-reaching. If you have children, for instance, a conviction could impact your custody arrangement. It is critical at this point that you stay out of legal trouble since facing even unrelated charges could compound the consequences of a conviction.

Speak with a Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer in Palm Beach Gardens

When you are ready to speak with a criminal defense attorney about your case, contact Todd A. Kawecki. He will answer your questions, assess the facts of your situation, and help you make informed decisions. Call 772-272-9269 to get started.