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Todd Kawecki is a battle-tested domestic violence attorney in Florida who knows what it takes to fight these charges. He offers free consultations and will make sure you understand all costs involved in your case from day one.

Being arrested for domestic violence can be a life changing event. In many cases when an altercation happens at home the police will arrive and simply arrest one participant to de-escalate the situation. This is not fair, and protecting your rights is our job.

If you are facing charges related to domestic violence, the smartest step you can take to protect your future is to speak to a lawyer. Todd Kawecki has the knowledge and experience to help you navigate the legal system and fight for the best outcome for your case. Call 772-238-6091 for a free consultation.

Mistakes to Avoid When Facing Domestic Violence Charges

Remember that the police are not there to help you. If you are asked any questions, refuse to answer and ask to speak to your attorney Todd Kawecki.

Do not contact your significant other after being arrested as most domestic violence cases involve a no-contact order as part of your bond. If you are caught speaking with your significant other in any form, you can be charged with a new crime and also be put in jail until the conclusion of your case.

Most Domestic Battery cases are First Degree Misdemeanors punishable by up to a year of probation or a year in jail. Depending on any prior battery convictions, any weapons used or injuries sustained, these charges can become significant felonies and cause you to face years in prison. We have handled hundreds of these types of cases. Let us use our 13 years of experience to protect you.

Documenting any injuries you suffered can be the difference between having your case dismissed or being convicted of Domestic Violence. Make sure the police take photos of your injuries, and if they refuse, then request to take the photos with your phone. Preserving this evidence is incredibly important to your case.

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If you are facing charges related to domestic violence, contact Kawecki Law right away. We can help you avoid early mistakes that would severely limit your defense options. We will then help you build the strongest possible defense given the facts of your case. Call 772-238-6091 for a free consultation.