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3 Common Defenses against DUI Arrests in Florida

Before a criminal trial is even on the cards, a DUI arrest can be challenged on administrative, constitutional, or legal grounds. If successful, such challenges could result in the state’s evidence being thrown out, leaving the prosecution with no way to proceed with the case against you.
The right legal strategies for your case will depend on the circumstances surrounding your arrest. A criminal defense attorney can investigate the arrest to look for any signs of improper conduct such as […]


When a Person Is Charged With DUI

When a person is charged with any version of DUI other than Boating Under the Influence there are always 2 cases opened: 1. the criminal case, and 2. the DMV case.
Many times people think of the criminal case as being the more pressing matter but the truth is that the DMV case is normally concluded long before the criminal case even goes to Court.
From the date of arrest a client has 10 days to act on their DMV case. […]

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DUI, Driving Offenses, Boating Under The Influence (BUI)

Being arrested for Martin County DUI, a Criminal Driving Offense, or Stuart, FL BUI has many consequences including mental anguish, embarrassment, and possible job implications.
Another consequence can be the suspension of your driver’s license. Once arrested for Stuart, FL DUI you only have ten days to fight the suspension of your driver’s license. If you are going to hire an attorney, it is important to call me immediately so we have the option of contesting your license suspension.  Please […]

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DUI Minimum and Maximum Penalties Chart

The below chart shows the minimum and maximum punishment for different types of DUI. It is important to understand that this is a limited guide and that each case is unique.
Please contact me today to discuss your case.

1st DUI
2nd DUI outside of 5 years from prior DUI
2nd DUI within 5 years of prior DUI

Jail Time
Min: 0 days, Max: 6 months.
If Over .15 Blood Alc Content –
Min: 0 days, Max: 9 months.
Min: 0 days, Max: 9 months.
If Over .15 […]