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Martin County Probation Violations

If you or your loved one has been arrested for Martin County violation of probation having an experienced attorney can make all the difference in the world.

When someone is charged with violating their probation that person can be exposed to the maximum penalty for their original charges.

  • 1st degree Misdemeanor - 1 year County Jail
  • 3rd degree Felony - 5 years in Prison
  • 2nd degree Felony - 15 years in Prison
  • 1st degree Felony - 30 years in Prison

Just because you have been arrested for a Martin County violation of probation does not mean you will be found guilty of violating your probation. I was a prosecutor in St Lucie and Martin counties for 4 years and have handled hundreds of probation violation cases.

My goal is to have your Stuart, FL violation of probation case dismissed. I will use my vast experience to get the best result for your circumstances.

The type of Martin County probation violation is important for the outcome of your case. If violated for not paying fees, costs, or even restitution this is considered a less severe violation then say a new law violation also known as a condition 5 probation violation. If you have been charged with a condition 5 probation violation it is important that your new Martin County case and your violation of probation be handled together as any plea to your new case will cause you to, in essence, admit your violation of probation.

The consequences can be dire if your Violation of Probation (VOP) case is mishandled so please contact me today before taking the next step in your violation of probation case. Your initial consultation is Free, let me help you today.