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Martin County Bond Hearings

In almost every case someone who has been arrested or charged with an offense has the right to a bond.

Many times Martin County Bonds are set off a schedule, or a set table Judges use in setting the Martin County bonds. The use of the bond schedule can leave many people incarcerated because their individual circumstances are not taken into account when the Martin County bond is set and they may not have the ability to pay the Stuart, FL bond. I have handled hundreds of bond hearings and my goal is to get you or your loved one a reasonable bond so they can be released from jail. The judge looks at many factors when looking to reduce a Martin County bond such as the person's ties to the community, the ability of the person to pay the bond, severity of the charges, strength of the State's case, and the person's prior criminal history.

Having an experienced Martin County Bond Attorney standing by your side and presenting your circumstances to the Judge can make all the difference. Your initial consultation is 100% free so contact me today.